Laser Cutting

Front Wall-Textile Machine

Mounting Bracket

Side plate- Heavy earth moving machine

Tube Cutting Image

Our 3 powerful CNC laser cutting machines are running Min 12 hours a day, capable of laser profiling a wide range of metals in various grades and alloys. Our state-of-the-art laser machines are able to handle sheet sizes up to 4m by 2m and 12m by 2.5m in thicknesses up to 20mm. For Tube laser max Length upto 6m with dia 250mm.

Laser cutting has become an increasingly popular method of profiling sheet metals; this is due to its high precision, impressive cut quality and high processing speeds. Laser cutting has the ability to effortlessly cut through steel, not to mention a huge variety of other materials, with a precision that is lacking in more traditional areas of profiling technology.