Powder Coating

generator canopies

generator canopies

compressor canopies

Front heater panel

Our plant is fully automatic and converised INTECH make with following details:

Plant Area : 15000 Sq. Ft.

PT : Spry pre-treatment process

Drying oven: After Spry pre-treatment article will travel inside oven for total drying.

PT: 9 tank spray pretreatment process with nano technology chemical

Booth : Having 2 no. powder coating booth with Roll-in Roll-out facility, Next provision for reciprocator facility

Oven: Camelback powder curing oven with 2mm to 20mm thickness backing facility

Size: Can do the powder coating with maximum Job Size of 3500mm L X 600mm W X 1500mm H

Powder coating equipments : MAGNUM II BM 4 Nos

DM water plant : installed own DM water Plant capacity 3000 lt/hr

ETP Plant: ETP plant as per required capacity and approved with MPCB