Design And Development

    Vijay Engifab has provided custom sheet metal fabrication solutions over 25years. We specialized in metal components and enclosures for tech industries, we operate sheet metal fabrication facilities with in-house hard tooling and soft tooling capabilities, we create a custom sheet metal program that suits to Customer requirements. With some of the fastest lasers in the industry, stainless and mild steel parts can be reliably profiled to meet even the most demanding tolerances. Parts are programmed and automatically nested, minimizing material scrap and with the automated load/unload feature runs can be literally unattended. Vijay Engifab has become an extension of your design and manufacturing team from proof of concept all the way through production. Our experienced team is focused on making sure your parts are manufacturable, cost conscious, and can seamlessly move in to production. We take into consideration how the entire mechanical assembly will come together with purchased and custom components, helping you bring new products into the market at accelerated speeds. Vijay Engifab India Pvt Ltd. provides engineering manufacturing services from concept to completion with simple solutions to complex problems through our expertise in Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly, Welding and Testing. Manufactured solutions at Vijay Engifab result from their talented engineers with vast experience, utilizing the latest tools such as 3D CAD software to produce high quality, engineered systems, machines and fixtures.