Sheet-Metal Enclosures

   Vijay Engifab India Pvt Ltd specializes in the design and the manufacture of sheet metal products such as metal housings, metal enclosures, metal casings, metal chassis, metal cabinets, metal racks, metal panels, metal brackets and other miscellaneous metal parts. Vijay Engifab has been dedicated to fulfilling ODM and OEM demands and providing optimum solutions on sheet metal fabrication in various fields of application (i.e. telecommunication, electronics, automation, security, kitchen utility, lavatory utility, industrial storage, etc.) with the assistance of state-of-the-art CAD software and CNC punching, press/CNC press brake/CNC laser cutting machinery for more than a decade. We market, design, manufacture, and supply solutions for production of sheet metal parts straight from coil. Our solutions can handle small series as well as mass production, and they’re available in just the configuration you need. They provide shortened total lead-time and less Work In Process (WIP), while ensuring consistent part quality, thanks to automated processes.