Telescopic-gaurd, Conveyors, Bellow-Covers

   Telescopic steel covers provide durable protection of slideways and precision machine components from all types of chips and coolant. Optional components can be integrated to improve durability speed, and access to the machine. All cover shapes, mounting options, and wiper systems can be customized to meet your requirements. We also repair/replace all brands of way covers.



Vijay Engifab India Pvt Ltd began designing and building automated conveyor solutions more than 30 years ago. Since then, we have pioneered many industry developments
We provide all types of conveyor and sortation solutions for assembly, manufacturing and distribution applications. Whether you need a simple gravity conveyor, or a sophisticated computer-controlled system, Vijay Engifab India Pvt Ltd manufactures cost-effective systems, which deliver years of reliable service


Designed to protect guide-ways and machine components and constructed using lightweight material, bellow covers are ideal for fast travel applications. Their high compression ratio also makes accordion way covers ideal in limited space. Bellow types are selected based on the operating conditions - including mechanical and thermal strain on the bellows, as well as the type of chips and agents present during operation.
We are pleased to introduce ourselves, as one of the leading manufacturer of quality machine Protection Products such as Various Types Bellows, Robo-Covers, Telescopic Covers, Apron Covers, Roll-Way Covers, Way Wipers as well as a Variety 0f Ducting Expansion Joints and High Temperature Fabric Products. With a rich experience of over 30 years, in depth technical knowledge, backed up with the required production facilities, we are well equipped to meet the challenges of modern industry.